tagspacesWhat is TagSpaces? 

  • it is open source and extensible platform for personal data management.
  • it let you organize, tag and browse your local files, photos and documents on almost every platforms.
  • build with HTML5, Javascript, Cordova, Node-Webkit.


In a world where more and more personal information is collected and owned by mobile apps and web portals, TagSpaces gives you an alternative of owning your data and having it nicely organize and visualized with the manner of modern web technologies. It’s:

  • Open Source
  • Extensible with Plugins
  • Easy to use

Organize your files! You can find more information in tagspaces.org.

Nombre TagSpaces
Versión 1.12.0
Plataforma Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, other.
Licencia AGPLv3
Web: http://www.tagspaces.org

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