Agros 2D

agros2DAgros2D is a multiplatform application for the solution of partial differential equations (PDE) based on the Hermes library. Agros2D is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

What Agros2D can offer you?

  • Numerical solution of physical fields (single and multi-physics analysis with the possibility of weak and hard coupling)
  • Complex time-dependent nonlinear solver
  • Steady state, harmonic and transient analysis
  • Particle tracing in electromagnetic fields
    User-friendly preprocessor and powerful postprocessor
  • Support for scripting in Python (advanced IDE PythonLab)

Key Features

    • Coupled Fields
    • Nonlinear Problems
    • Automatic space and time adaptivity
    • Curvilinear Elements
    • Quadrilateral Meshing
    • Analysis Type

  • Particle Tracing
Nombre Agros2D
Versión 3.2
Plataforma Windows, Linux, Mac OS.
Licencia GPL

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